What Comes First?

11009957_1436326786679217_3728354534122864222_nLast spring my wife and I decided to take our camping adventures or misadventures for that matter online and begin sharing some of our stories and favourite spots. We have been camping quite regularly for while and thought that we can pass on what we have learned and experienced to others who maybe starting out or thinking about it. So how do we do this? What is the first step? We did some research and found most people start out with this…a Blog. However being who we are we decided to try it backwards. Let’s start with Facebook, then Twitter, then Instagram…blah blah blah. We figured let’s get a few followers who might actually want to read this before we wrote something for no one to read. Made sense to us. So here we are….Our Blog.

Let me share a little about us…

Me (Aka:Dave)- 40 years old, My Wife (Aka:Anne) – 39 years old

We are really just your typical Alberta couple who loves sharing their world with friends and family. We live in Calgary and share our beautiful home with our dog Cody and a feline Clay. We love adventures, travelling, camping, biking, paddling, hiking and do have a mild passion for wine.

We met five years ago and are a happy story of love found online. We both shared a passion for camping and being outside so we started camping by borrowing a friends cargo van. It worked, kept us all dry but we wanted more. We soon bought a truck and then the search for a trailer started. We found this little 1973 Skipper that my wife poured¬†her heart into fixing up and soon “Skippy” was a regular site at many of Alberta’s campgrounds. We towed Skippy for a few years and he even joined us on our honeymoon. It was on that honeymoon that we fell in love again. We saw one up close and personal for the first time. An Airstream. (Keep in mind they are actually quite rare in Alberta). That was it. We wanted, no, needed one of those and so the hunt began. We looked high and low and funny enough found the size and year we were looking for online and it was actually just down the road! SOLD! We dragged that trailer home in all its mess to hopefully restore it to its former glory and make it a part of our family.

After several weeks of renos and problem solving our Airstream was ready and willing. With Skippy sadly off to spend the rest of his days with another family we set forth our summer adventures with our Airstream. It was in this time we were lucky enough to be selected as part of a program that chose us to be Alberta Park’s Ambassadors. This is where the sharing really started and the rest is yours to follow!


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